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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  July 19, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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accused of dealing drugs while on the job and in police in a form. a federal grand jury handed up the indictment and four other suspects. >> it was arrested this morning and appeared in court late this afternoon. >> a lot of the evidence be killed in the affidavit is from cellphone communication. investigators even said that believes it can be heard behind some of those calls. was arrested this morning. according to the indictment, he and four others have been conspiring to distribute heroin for the last six months. >> he was a central participant in the conspiracy. >> he did part of history dealing on the job in the northwestern district police station parking lot. the affidavit details cell phone conversations between red and the four other suspects.
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in one conversation, he tells one of the suspects to meet him in what he calls the district. >> they discussed how to distribute drugs and weird to distribute drugs. he engages in this behavior while on duty and while in police and a form. >> federal investigators were contacted after potential -- after a tip of potential misconduct. >> is a buckeye for the police to permit. but the silver lining is that and it -- that an individual was committing some egregious act's and is now facing a federl judge. >> he is also an charged with three counts of a use of a firearm. those counts carry 55 years in
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prison if convicted. >> whether you're a streetcorner judge your police officer, you will face a leg -- a lengthy prison sentence. >> he faces even more time for possession and intent to sell. >> tonight, a 16-year-old boy is behind bars, being accused of shooting security guards last week. a 32-year-old female guard is not of the hospital, but needs surgery to fix a gunshot wound to her eye. the other officer is still in serious condition. one interesting strategy to fight crime in the city.
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a new tax on bullets is being proposed. he also says he is not opposed to tweaking the police budget if need be. >> ever see comedian chris rock's routine on what he calls a bullet control? >> bullets should cost $5,000. [laughter] they would think before killing somebody a bullet tore $5,000. man, i would blow your head off if i could afford it. >> he is proposing a tax on bullets, $1 for each bullet sold in the city. >> this is not a revenue enhancement will. it is to make it difficult for you to buy bullet tools. >> it includes a big change in how the city treats some drug use. he wants to make possession of small amounts of marijuana as a summary offense, treating it
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more like public drunkenness and then a felony crime. >> police officers are spending time on "peggy" crimes. i wanted to focus in on quality -- "pattpetty" crimes. i want them to focus on quality of life. >> in 2000, the homicide rate was 40 per 100,000 people. in 2010, the rate was 36 per 100,000 people. it is among the highest in the country. he says he is willing to consider spending less on policing. >> i would more than consider a smaller police budget, particularly if it is part of a bigger plant. if you are making cuts in the police budget, you need to also make an enhancement in other areas so you are enhancing public safety. right now, we are not doing
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that. >> he says his public safety plan will reduce crime by 20%. >> in washington, there is a vote and a possible plan to end the deadlock over the debt ceiling. the latest proposal will have tax cuts for the wealthy expire and will make changes to the way social security benefits are calculated. the president praised the efforts of the so-called gang of six. >> it is time to get down to the business of solving this problem. i think we are now seeing the potential for a bipartisan consensus. >> late tonight, the house passed the measure to slice federal spending and require a constitutional measure to balance the budget. andy harris voted in favor of the measure, but it is unlikely to pass in the senate.
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the president has already threatened to veto it. the front of the u.s. debt default thing is causing a credit problems for maryland. moody's is considering such a downgrade, given the state's high number of federal employees and businesses dealing with the federal government. the state has a sound financial structure in place and they have made sound fiscal decisions, of positioning themselves well for whatever happens. the state secretary says that she intends to move over with the state's bond sale that is set to begin on friday. >> the state comptroller says he is now opposed to more than $1 billion to -- the project carries too much risk for taxpayers and the state in a struggling economy. it is the latest setback for the
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project that would reestablish the state programs office downtown even though the city's judiciary committee has delayed talks to cut property taxes, one city councilman is optimistic. he is sponsoring an amendment that will cut the property tax rate by 50% over the next five years. >> committee members will revisit the issue in the next few months. in the meantime, supporters and opponents are waving -- are weighing in on the feasibility of these tax cuts. >> if councilman carl stokes has his way, a property taxes will be cut by 50% over the next five years. >> it means more jobs. it means money to build schools. it means keeping recreation centers and pools open. it means creating a much stronger baltimore city. >> right now, the tax rate is almost twice as high as the surrounding counties.
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it is almost $2.27 for every $100 of assessed value. but he isn't -- but that rate will be cut by 15 cents every year until it is down. >> it will increase revenue to the city by the third or fourth year. >> but the city's finance department does not feel the same way. >> it would significantly jeopardize city services in the future. >> according to the city's calculations, it would lose more than $300 million in property tax revenue by 2016 the city's number-cruncher's say that the deficit levels could climb as high as 503 $2 million by 2016 if the city's population does not grow at all. in order to break-even, the city would have to add more than 500,000 residents over a four- year period. >> i think it is important enough for the health and long- range growth of the city to take
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this bill seriously, even if it is flawed, even if it does not have political support. the concept behind the bill is good. >> even of the judiciary committee decided to hold off on the bill for now, he is still optimistic. >> they will come back in september. others will join us in september. and we will have a really great discussion. >> according to a spokesman for her office, mayor stephanie rawlings blake is expected to make an important announcement about property taxes tomorrow morning. >> and baltimore city landlord is pleading guilty to charges that he ignored federal and state rules regarding alleged safety. he owns more than 60 properties. he failed to inform tenants about potential lead paint hazards. he is also accused of allowing workers handle lead-abatement projects. he collected thousands of dollars in section 8 funds.
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prosecutors wanted to serve 18 months. >> the first of its kind moved by pediatricians to protect y toators tri ditor hide behind white coats. >> i was hearing things. i was horrible. i was angry. >> he says he is lucky to be alive after being an addiction to show called bath salts. it is easy to get that deadly designer drug and it is hard to get it off the market appeared >> we still have it to starnes out there. we will talk about the big time he that is just around the corner. first, here's a look outside. it is warm and muggy and hazy. it is warm and muggy and hazy.
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>> there were dramatic moments
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in parliament this morning. wendy dang jumped to her husband's defense and managed to tackle a protester who went after him with a plate full of shaving cream. she threw a punch right there. she is rupert murdoch's third wife. the proceedings will put on hold for about 10 minutes. >> the largest beautician group wants to make it harder for doctors to abuse children. the american academy of pediatricians want to inform parents of their right to be present during their children's exams. it states that the training program should educate doctors about the proper boundaries and mandates medical facilities to screen employees for history of abuse. the policy sides in the where a pediatrician was convicted of sexually abusing an underage patient.
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when drug agents recently raided a warehouse, they found a bath salts . >> it is not calgon. it is the latest designer to hit maryland and it is perfectly legal. we recently spoke with a former addict who is convinced that authorities need to take action now to save lives. >> what i went through, i would never wish upon anybody . >> of this young man feels lucky to be alive after a powerful addiction to drugs he bought legally here in maryland. their synthetic drugs that mimic cocaine. is a day are synthetic drugs that mimic cocaine. -- they are synthetic drugs that mimic count tainted >> they kept me up for night after night. at one point, i was up for probably a week straight. it is very, very, very
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dangerous. i was sleep deprived. i was hearing things. i was miserable. i was angry. >> he says that the desire for more was overwhelming. >> you cannot come down until you get more into your system. you just want more and more and more. it is very addicting. >> it is actually killing people. it is that dangerous and that bad. >> this is the special agent in charge. he says the active ingredient in basalts is something called mdpv and method drowned. -- and methadrone. >> you have to realize that there is a drug that is being produced that is uncontrolled and not regulated. you do not know what you're putting in your body. you're playing russian roulette. i am supporting this thing. will this thing kill me? >> you do not realize the danger because it is legal.
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>> the main thing that roster your head is that it is legal. it will not harm me like all of the other drugs out there appeared >> he says he bought bath salts at a tobacco shop. >> it was very easy to obtain. >> we found out for ourselves. we sent an intern. she came out with this product. >> i asked if they sold out salt. the woman said she did. they had to video. we bought the one she said was more popular. -- they had two. we bought the one she said was more popular. she said they are marketed as basalts and that is all she knows. they were both $35.95. >> that transaction was perfectly legal. we also discovered how easy it was to purchase back sobs on line. we bought products called white diamond and lunar wave. they arrived via priority mail
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in a number of days. they are emerging more and more on the drug scene. >> this is $25 and it is a quarter of a gram in quantity, which is, again, the same price point for other illicit drugs. even the packaging is a zip lock baggie. you tear it open and it has a ziploc bag so you can instantly seal it. the >> how do vendors get away with selling it? it is all in the packaging. manufacturers right it is not for human consumption and say that is basalts and that covers it. but it has nothing to do with taking a bath. the challenge with law enforcement is keeping up with the chemist. a-moleis like the walkabhack- game. you hit one and another one pops
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up. >> they are legal in maryland right now, but maybe not for long. >> i spoke with the department of legislative services and requested that legislation be drafted to ban basalts. >> he plans to introduce a proposal for that on september 17. >> it would be illegal to possess or sell in maryland. >> even if they are made illegal, that does not mean they will go away. >> the drug laws are made to sit and specific drugs based on their chemical structure. the chemist will go in and tweak the chemical structure so that it does not fit the definition, ergo, it is legal. >> the key is to write legislation broad enough so that drug manufacturers cannot work around it. he believes that criminalizing the youth -- the use of basalt is necessary to save lives.
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>> it is amazing that this is on the market and they are allowing people to buy this. i am fortunate to be standing here today. i really feel that way. >> there are already a handful of states that have outlawed basalts. gov. tom corbett recently signed into law a bill banning those substances. >> we had some big thunderstorms bubble up in the heat and humidity this afternoon. things are settling down now. we have some leftover storms. one is moving across baltimore county at the time. you'll hear some founder and see some lightning in this area for the next half-hour or so. these are moving to the south- southwest. he will be in and around oconee and maybe howard county in the next half hour. -- in it and a rondo -- in anne
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arundel county and mavy howard county in the next half-hour. 78 degrees at the airport. mid-upondewpoint are in the 70's. this is why it feels so much guilt there. if you walk outside, it feels like you're walking into it a what -- into a wet sponge. temperatures were over 100 degrees all the way up into the dakotas. we have this little boundary that stalled in southern pennsylvania. this was the original trigger of the thunderstorms this afternoon. this will wash out. it will eventually fade away. but it is strong enough to keep the struck -- the tropical storm off shore. that little front is not much of anything and it is helping us
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out in a number of different ways. this is the latest satellite imagery on tropical storm bret t. i think it will stay offshore because of the front coming off of the mid-atlantic coast guard partly cloudy skies night, muggy. during the day tomorrow, it will be a mixture with clouds. the thunderstorms will not be as widespread as today. then we really turn up the heat by the end of the week. the high temperatures thursday and friday will be in the upper- 90's. around 100 degrees. scattered thunderstorms over the weekend will eventually knock down the heat and we will get back into the 80's by monday and tuesday of next week. >> orioles pitcher germy guthrie
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manages something tonight that we have not seen in three years. come on back and check it out. >> it is mega millions. >> hello, america. tonight's the jackpot is an estimated $43 million. to win, you must have these five white balls and that boldigolden mega ball. two, 16, 9, 10. the final five all for this tuesday evening is 35. tonight's mega ball number is 40. if no one matches all six numbers, the next jackpot will be
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>> those fans have waited since eberle is a close -- o's fans have been waiting. starting pitchers going deep in the game. jeremy guthrie went seven
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innings. there would be a homer in this game, but not enough to damage the outcome. then matt winterweeters delivere third. then there is the two-run home run. jeremy guthrie gets his first win against boston in more than three years. >> they are a good team. obviously, you have to play very well. you have to pitch well. and you have to head up against their best pitchers day in and day out. it was good to beat them again for the first time since april. >> the ripkens have held the title of first family of baseball. but now ryan ripken has been selected to play at next month's
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game at wrigley field. the texas rangers plan to raise the front row railing throughout the park. shannon stone, a firefighter, fell to his death when he tumbled over the front row in the left-field seats trying to catch a ball thrown to him by josh hamilton. all teams have been instructed -- they hope to get operating instructions after the lockout. negotiations continued in new york. we will take a little more negotiating on the burnie antitrust case. players need a simple majority to agree to a deal. after 120 days, the world over -- the word "simple" probably does not apply. >> it has been a long day. it will be a long night.
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players are working very hard to do the right thing. >> the lockout could and just in time to stop pittsburgh steelers players from doing and saying stupid things. one plans to sue sports apparel champion because they terminated the deal with men and half -- deal with menenhoff. they say that it is not about the money, but whether or not he can express his opinion. >> you can express your opinion and have an endorsement of, but you cannot have them both at the same time and you should not need a lawyer to figure that out. >> there you have it. [laughter] >> we will look at the seven-day
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>> the thermometer is about to go up. >> we have a little rain still left out there tonight. it is nothing severe. we had a couple of thunderstorms a couple of hours ago. but it is dying down. but the beltway late tonight on 83, you will see some showers.
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let's switch over and look at the seven-day forecast. tomorrow, it will be plain old hot. 95 degrees is not that bad. by the end of the week, thursday and friday, 98 degrees, probably closer to 100 degrees. the heat index could be between 105 degrees and 110 degrees. cranky is when you're level goes up. >> oh, man. >> it will not stick around very long. by the end of the weekend, it will be gone. >> that is good. >> mild-mannered maryann, able to leap tall buildings. >> think back to the blizzards.
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